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What’s better than reading about a comic book superhero? Watching a fantastic celluloid rendition of a superhero comic book! What’s even better is discovering that the superhero who just wowed you has an even meatier backstory. In honour of Iron Man 3 (which we think is a fantastic movie, by the way), here are some really cool superhero backstories.

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Chhota Bheem


Chhota Bheem, the little boy of Dholakpur, is undoubtedly the favourite superhero of Indian kids. Do you have a Chhota Bheem fan at home? Now, you can find books, DVDs and movies on Chota Bheem on Junglee. Also check out other Chhota Bheem merchandise such as t-shirts, masks, and slippers on sale.

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Chhota Bheem, the little boy of Dholakpur, stole the heart of his fans for the first time in 2008, when he emerged on the Indian television space on cartoon channel Pogo. Today, nine year old Chota Bheem is undoubtedly the favourite superhero of Indian kids. The popularity of Chota Bheem has given rise to a new market of merchandise, based on Chhota Bheem and other characters from the show. While it’s easy to buy books, DVDs and movies on Chota Bheem, one can also find other Chhota Bheem merchandise online on Junglee, such as t-shirts, masks, and slippers, to name a few.

The show appeals to children and adults alike because of its humour and the emphasis on values. Children specially enjoy the duel of Chhota Bheem and Kalia. Kalia Pehelwan or Ustaad Kalia is the brawny bully who places obstacles in Chota Bheem’s path. And when Kalia is at peace, it is Dholakpur that needs rescuing. One way or the other, Chota Bheem is always undertaking adventures, having fun on the way.Children can read about all of Chhota Bheem’s adventures in the comic books. On Junglee, you can find all the books on Chota Bheem. Some of the famous Pogo Chhota Bheem titles that can be found on Junglee are Chota Bheem & Krishna, Chotta Bheem in the Chocolate World, Chhota Bheem in Super Hero, Chhota Bheem in Chota Bheem & Ganesh, Chota Bheem in the Dolphins.

The popularity of the cartoon show led to the release of Chhota Bheem movies as well. Some of the famous Chota Bheem movies available on Junglee are Chhota Bheem and Krishna, Chota Bheem and Krishna in Pataliputra, Chchota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan, Chotta Bheem and Krishna in Mayanagari. If you are looking to buy Chhota Bheem merchandise online, you can find it on Junglee. This merchandise also makes for attractive gift hampers and birthday return gifts for kids. You can find Chhota Bheem t-shirts, Chota Bheem face masks & eye masks, Chotta Bheem key chain, Chhota Bheem pendants and Mighty Raju masks.

Slippers with various themes such as Chhota Bheem in jungle, or Chhota Bheem playing cricket, Chhota Bheem with crocodile slippers can also be bought online in India. Apart from Chota Bheem, one can also find flip flops featuring other characters from the show such as Raju or Chutki. On this page, we have listed all the products featuring Chotta Bheem so whether you are looking for a particular Chhota Bheem video or want to watch your favourite movie of Chota Bheem online, you can find them all on Junglee.

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