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RI-SHP-L900MV Headset with Mic
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RI-SHP-L900MV Headset with Mic

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Product Description

Headphones are an essential component of a lot of things, from mobiles to computers and laptops. The new L900MV headset from V4 is definitely making waves, attracting attention from all the right places. It boasts of a durable build, as well as multi-functionality that is worth envying. Headphones and microphones are required for a number of different purposes on a computer and even a mobile, and this headset has both. Being cost-effective and having multi-functionality is an important tool in the arsenal of every company in the world right now, and technology manufacturers are no different.

About the product :

Most headphones command huge prices in the market nowadays, but headsets are a much more economical and simpler option that most computer users tend to take up. They combine the best of both worlds, with a headphone as well as a microphone included, providing it with different uses. The L900MV boasts both excellent sound quality as well as the ability to read sound brilliant. This makes the microphone well-responsive as well, making it ideal for recording messages using the sound recorder or to talk to someone over a video call such as on Skype. The headphones are for music, listening to voice notes, or even simply watch videos. Headsets make excellent tools, and are something that anyone using a computer should be in possession of.

The L900MV also has great comfort, which means that wearing them over a long duration of time does not cause any pain or discomfort. This makes them for long periods when a person has to sit in front of the computer, for purposes such as audio-recording, editing, or listening to music in order to relax. No one wants to feel uncomfortable when trying to relax, and the L900MV makes for the perfect companion during those times. The padded pillows are particularly noteworthy, being a snug fit on the ears, and the adjustable headband allows people of all sizes to wear it with ease. The plug points are the traditional ones, which is available on most Central Processing Units of today without problems. Though USB might seem more popular, the traditional sockets actually provide a smoother transition for the sound.

About the company :

The company might not be popular amongst the higher-end, but V4 has constantly concentrated their efforts on providing the best quality products for an economical price. This allows the lower end of the strata to have access to the best features, and the L900MV is one such example. Technological equipment are important in this digital age, and having a headset provides users with two different uses for the same price. V4 has also produced other products such as separate microphones, and gadgets like shock busters and more.

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Product Details
Manufacturer V4
Brand V
Model Number RI-SHP-L900MV
Technical Specification
Connectivity Technology wired-3.5mm single pin

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