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Vinod Tier Steamer Silver
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Vinod Tier Steamer Silver

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Brand Vinod cookware
Model Number 2 Tier-20
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
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Overview: Vinod Tier Steamer Silver

A proper cookware can actually minimise your cooking time. It also allows you to make the food tasty. As a result, it helps you to cook more food evenly by using less energy. So, if you are in search of a cooker that ensures a fast and hassle free cooking exeprinece, then trying out this Vinod Cookware is a great idea. It is designed keeping in mind the demands and needs of the customers. During the manufacturing process, special emphasis was on flatness, material, size, balance and gauge of the product to ensure accuracy.


This cooking utensil is made of premium quality materials like stainless steel to ensure quality and reliability. There are many advantages of using stainless steel as a material for utensils. It ensures sturdy built, so you can be worry free about the fact that this cookware is strong enough to resist normal wear and tear. These are designed to be long lasting. You can continue using these utensils on a regular basis for several years.

This material heats the cookware evenly and fast so that you can prepare the food quickly. This fabric also resists stains therefore, maintaining this cooking utensil is not a big deal. It is designed as per the strict measures to ensure safety. It is put through stringent quality check under the supervision of the experts to make sure that the final delivered to the customers are high on quality and reliability.

What should you know about this product?

This Vinod 2 Tier Steamer is meticulously designed to ensure easy cooking experience. You can use only the pot to cook food without the steamer. This 2 tier cookware also accompanies a tempered lid that is made heat resistant so that it does not break even when you cook food on a high temperature. The lid also has a small vent, which is used for steam release. The steamer also has vents, which helps in quick boiling of foodstuff. Vents are manufactured by using premium quality materials like thick gauge stainless steel to make sure that it is highly durable. This steamer and the pot have handles on either side that allow you to use this 2 tier cooking utensil with great comfort. The hollow stainless steel handles are used. This product comes with smooth mirror finish, which ensures a lustrous appearance. When the cooking utensils are shiny in appearance you enjoy cooking different foods. The pot and the steamer are spacious enough to accommodate good amount of foodstuffs. It is user-friendly. You will not find any difficulty to use this cooking utensil for the first time.

Food items that you can prepare:

This Vinod 2 Tier Steamer Cooker is highly functional. It helps the household ladies, girls or chefs to prepare different dishes in steam format. It can be used to cook rice or pulao. Whether you are preparing 'peas pulao' or fried rice, this cookware is going to help you in every occasion. It is an excellent utensil to prepare steamed momo. Momo is such a delicious food item that almost everyone is fond of the dish. There are some people, who could not prepare momo or some other dishes just because of crisis of proper cookware at their places. So, if you are interesting in preparing different delicious dishes then you should not delay in availing this useful product.

Apart from serving great purpose at home, this useful cookware finds it extensive purpose in restaurants or hotels, where chefs are worried about preparing the best delicious dishes so that customers are satisfied and praise them for their best performance. It is widely used by students in the hostel, where girls or boys stay independently. Anyone who stays alone in an apartment or PG will benefit from this cookware, as it helps them not only cook different dishes but also makes the cooking fast.

So, if you are in need of this cookware, then you can buy Vinod 2 Tier Steamer Silver online. Apart from personal use, it can be an excellent gift. If you want to make your mother, sister-in-law or mother-in-law to feel special then you can present her this 2 tier cooker on some special occasions like anniversary or birthday.


Not much maintenance is required. After use, wash it by using mild dishing washing soap or liquid soap with a sponge. You should avoid wire mesh, as it will leave scratches. Wipe with a soft cloth or duster once you have washed the utensil to keep it dry and prevent mildew or fungus.

Features at a glance:


Smooth mirror finish

Tempered glass lid

Easy to clean

Features: Vinod Tier Steamer Silver

  • Multi-purpose
  • You can also use the pot as it is, without the steamer
  • Tempered glass lid with steam release
  • Vents made of thick gauge stainless stell for greater durability
  • Smooth mirror finish for lustrous appearance and ease of cleaning
  • Stainless steel hollow handles that stay cool for touch
  • Excellent quaility
  • Easy to clean and hygenic stainless steel
  • Color: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Pot (18cm), 1-Piece Steamer (18cm) with Glass Lid
  • Warranty Information: 2 Years
Product Details
Manufacturer Vinod Cookware
Manufacturer Part Number VNE_2Tier20_SIR
Brand Vinod cookware
Model Number 2 Tier-20
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 2 Years

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